DEVELOPTREES offers a human-centric, technology-neutral, outcome-driven automation strategy to help clients achieve targeted outcomes from their Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation investments our AI platform, we help clients hyper-automate processes, redefine operations and reimagine their customer journeys. we accelerate automation journeys for our clients through a combination of smart automation, data insights and service innovation. AI and automation value to our clients. Our global, state-of-the-art experience centers and digital pods serve as the hubs of advanced research and experimentation in AI-enabled technology.

DevelopTrees Assurance and Quality Engineering practice, helps clients achieve continuous quality across their run, change and transformation initiatives. Our Assurance Platform leverages Automation, DevOps practices, Cloud, Mobile and Advanced Data Analytics, which can help enterprises in their digital transformation journey. It combines principles of process re-engineering with cognitive computing and AI, to boost the efficiency of the test authoring process and its execution. It is built to help testing teams reduce their effort significantly, by embedding our platform and cognitive solution accelerators across the testing value chain. We are pioneers in providing Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) to help businesses access on-demand validations, eliminating the cost of test environment management.

Intelligent automation requires equal focus on people and technology. Our advisory team works with you to create a sustainable framework to enable scale, establishing the right operating model and embedding change management. With in-depth domain expertise, offerings and data-driven methodology, we work with you to modernize business processes that deliver results. We bring unique and compelling perspectives of the technology landscape. Our technology office has deep and broad expertise across domains to create a holistic, best-fit set of solutions to accelerate your digital transformation journey. Their insights help you navigate a quickly evolving landscape with ease and speed.

Unleash automation to drive your business forward Intelligent automation, like RPA (robotic process automation), natural language processing and virtual agents, can help you improve efficiency and productivity in many ways. But it doesn't stop there. Self-learning processes can help you empower employees, strengthen customer relationships and open new ways to innovate. You may have found success by applying automation adhoc, but most companies haven't been able to scale these benefits across the enterprise. Whether due to a lack of skilled talent or a clear vision from the top, automation investments are proliferating without ever reaching their true potential. To succeed, you need an enterprise-wide approach. This means not only improving processes with AI, but designing new learning processes around it. It's a new way of working, supported through organizational change and continual reskilling. The payoff? You'll bring the best of human ingenuity together with self-optimizing AI to solve and anticipate your biggest challenges—present and future.