Privacy Policy

As a responsible company, We believe in setting exemplary standards of ethical behaviour, both internally within the organisation, as well as in external relationships. All our policies are based on the principles of trusteeship, empowerment and accountability, control and ethical citizenship.

Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace safety is a key responsibility for employees and their overall work attitude. Everyone is responsible for ensuring their actions in the workplace are safe themselves. Failure to accept these responsibilities can result in disciplinary action under the workplace health and safety laws in our company.

Code Of Conduct Policy

Code of conduct policy is a vary in different professions, but many of them, such as honesty, teamwork, and integrity, are reflect in all professions. A company could also list laws and regulations in its code of ethics depending on the industry. A dress code is a set of guidelines to make it easy for employees wear to work. It can also help companies to be sure employees are presenting themselves well in meetings and interactions with clients and customers.

Employee Disciplinary Action Policy

Employee disciplinary action is to correct the behaviour of the employee while documenting the issues in case the problem arises again in the future. It is desirable for discipline to be progressive. So to say, disciplinary actions must follow a series of sequential actions. A disciplinary action policy identifies the procedures for responding to incidents at the company policy. With complete access to the rules and regulations of the workplace, and enforce disciplinary action when appropriate while using the employee.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performances as an integral and fundamental part of our strategy and operating methods. It is our priority to encourage our stakeholders to do the same. Not only is this sound commercial sense for all; it is also a matter of delivering on our duty of care towards future generations

Attendance, Leave and time-off policies

Employees are expected to be on time and regular in attendance. This means being at your workspace and ready to work at your scheduled time each day. You will be given a 10-minute grace period after the start of your shift before you will be considered tardy. Employees who are tardy on more than five occasions will be subject to disciplinary action. Absenteeism and tardiness are burdensome to your co-workers and leaders, and will not be tolerated without just cause.